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Tissue Regeneration & Inflammation




Alison Aiken
Shalini Anthwal
Iris Fang
Mehrdad Hariri
Hartland Jackson
Purna Joshi
Zamaneh Kassiri
Trevor McKee
Aditya Murthy
David Smookler
Geoffrey Wood
Fan Zhang

Reproductive Tissues – The cyclical remodeling of the mammary gland and uterus during estrous provide a means to study the natural turnover of epithelial cell (proliferation and apoptosis) as a function of steroid hormones. 

Liver – Partial hepatectomy induced liver regeneration offers a means to study hepatocyte cell division.  We have recently reported that Timp3 deficient mice fail to regenerate liver due to excessive TNF signalling, while Timp1 null mice display alterations in HGF bioactivity.  We are currently using microarrays to identify the molecular switch that converts hepatocyte proliferation into apoptosis.

Heart – How protease inhibitors regulate extracellular matrix remodelling and cytokine homeostasis is being investigated in models of heart disease following pressure overload and myocardial infarction. 

People Involved – Alison Aiken, Shalini Anthwal, Iris Fang, Mehrdad Hariri, Hartland Jackson, Purna Joshi, Zamaneh Kassiri, Trevor McKee, Aditya Murthy, David Smookler, Geoffrey Wood, Fan Zhang