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Alison Aiken
Virginie DeFamie
Marco DiGrappa
Mehrdad Hariri
Carlo Hojilla
Hartland Jackson
Purna Joshi
Zamaneh Kassiri
Trevor McKee
Samuel Molineux
Aditya Murthy
David Smookler
Fan Zhang

Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) – SHG imaging is being used to visualize collagen in murine tissues and disease models.  

Comparative Oncogenomics – We use metaphase and array CGH to mine genomic alterations in mouse models of cancers.  This approach allows us to identify the earliest genomic changes at preneoplastic stages of cancer development; to map the regions of genomic instability; as well as validate mouse models by the extent of their similarity to the human disease at the level of genomic changes.

Reverse Genetics – Transgenic and knockout mice are invaluable in proving the role of various genes in pathologies.  This approach has been fruitful in defining the role of Timp3 in heart disease, liver regeneration, and inflammation.  We are now using siRNA to complement this approach.

Primary Cell Cultures –  We routinely use primary cultures of MEFs, mammary epithelial cells, macrophages, cardiomyocytes, cardiac myofibroblasts, hepatocytes, osteoclasts and osteoblasts.  Cultured cells are useful for biochemical manipulations, as well as determining the contributions of individual cell types to specific in vivo phenomena.

Stem Cell Assays – We are specifically interested in studying the role of proteolysis in the stem cell niche.