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Cancer Models


Alison Aiken
Shalini Anthwal
Virginie DeFamie
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Breast – The mammary gland is a major area of our research.  We have acquired a considerable understanding of the role of specific genes in mammary morphogenesis, differentiation, involution and mammary tumorigenesis.  A current active area is how TIMPs function in defining the mammary stem cell niche.

Liver - We use liver regeneration to study how TIMPs regulate hepatocyte proliferation and apoptosis. Parallel studies in the CRP-TAg transgenic model allow us to determine how TIMP regulation of hepatocyte fate impacts hepatocellular carcinoma.

Lung – The role of the stromal compartment in lung cancer is being investigated in both genetic and orthotopic models of lung cancer. 

Prostate – Current mouse models of prostate cancer do not recapitulate the human disease, and we continue to attempt the development of novel models for this cancer.

Endometrial – PTEN heterozygous mice develop uterine hyperplasia and endometrial cancer. We are studying the role of specific genes on both breast and endometrial cancers.